Cupid’s Cash Booking Game

Cupid’s Cash Booking Game

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Ready to get your bookings on in January and February?? Play the Cupid’s Cash scratch-off game with your friends in Messenger! 

How it works: Text or message your friend to host a party, then gift her a chance to play the Cupid’s Cash scratch-off game! Once she books, she chooses a heart to virtually scratch. Hidden beneath each one is a dollar amount (between $10-$25, most hearts are valued at $10!) which will equal the amount of extra product she will win as a host! 

Extra free stuff for her, sweet bookings for you!

The Cupid’s Cash scratch-off game includes:

  • game board graphic
  • 13 heart graphics revealing the prize amounts
  • instructions with suggested verbiage on how to play
  • teaser image to post in your group


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