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Don’t worry, leaders! I know what you’re thinking and I’m here to help! There’s a lot to think about as your team grows, but staying in touch with your team and teaching them how to succeed is super important! It can be overwhelming to try to come up with topics to discuss with your team, but fear not, my sweet friend!  I DOT you!

This download will help you brainstorm new ideas to discuss with your team and inspire you to hold effective and organized team trainings!  

What’s included in this INSTANT DOWNLOAD?

  • OVER 20 TRAINING TOPICS you can use to connect and start discussions with your team. OVER 20 TOPICS!  If you talk about one topic per week, this download will provide you with ideas for 6 MONTHS!  
  • Do you know what the 4 I’s are when holding a team training?  You’ll find out!  Page 4 talks all about the 4 I’s and how you should implement them into your next training!


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