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HOT TO TROT- Virtual Game to Increase Engagement, Sales & Hosts


HOT TO TROT- Virtual Game to Increase Engagement, Sales & Hosts


Strut confidently towards boosted engagement, heightened sales, and secured bookings with our exciting digital product, "Hot to Trot"! Unleash the power of this dynamic virtual game and watch your social selling soar to new heights! 

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Our meticulously planned game ensures you're not just walking but striding into success. Gain instant access and let the game begin within your social group today!

Here's a glimpse into the thrill "Hot to Trot" brings to the table:

🏁 The Race to Rewards: Invite your followers to embark on a thrilling race towards a fabulous prize! They pick a bib number, earning an automatic entry to win your enticing giveaway. The excitement doesn't stop there; encourage them to boost their chances by making a purchase, inviting friends to join your group, exploring your business opportunities, or even hosting their own shopping event.

🎉 Silly, Strategic, and Done For You: Our back-door approach to social selling isn't just effective; it's downright entertaining! Infuse a sense of fun into your sales strategy while staying ahead with a carefully crafted and pre-planned game – all set up for you.

🎁 All-Inclusive Promo Pack: Your "Hot to Trot" package comes with everything you need for a successful virtual race:

  • 📜 Game Instructions with Captivating Verbiage: Crafted to keep the excitement high and the engagement soaring.
  • 📊 Prize Tracker: Effortlessly monitor entries and keep the competition fierce.
  • 💬 Conversation Response Samples: Navigate the conversation effortlessly with our ready-made responses that you can literally copy and paste in messages.
  • 🖼️ 6 Pre-made Game Graphics: Eye-catching visuals to elevate the gaming experience.
  • 🎁 BONUS: Texting Race Game: Extend the excitement beyond social media with an additional texting race game, complete with instructions, images, and verbiage to share to help you sell more.

Step into the spotlight, be the master of engagement, and turn every social selling opportunity into a victory lap with "Hot to Trot"! Ready to transform your selling game and leave your competitors in the dust? Let's gooooo!


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