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Wanna snag more sales, more bookings, new teammates and a bigger better business? It all starts with some fun! (šŸŽ¶ This is how we do itā€¦šŸŽ¶)

Introducingā€¦ A Poppinā€™ Drop-In!Ā 
Yessss! A new week-long virtual event idea that increases interaction, group members and the FUN!

(and yes, this one is banginā€™... 90ā€™s style!)

Here's what's included:

  • 7 creative, engaging 90's-themedĀ graphics that'llĀ Pump Up The JamĀ šŸŽ¶
  • An animated MASH GIF gameĀ (WHOOMP! There it is!)Ā šŸŽ¶
  • AĀ Step-by-StepĀ (oooh baby!) šŸŽ¶Ā digital guide that explains when to post and what verbiage to share!
  • 3 blank templates to personalizeĀ for the bonus idea (also included!)Ā I Swear.Ā šŸŽ¶

With a Poppin' Drop-In, the main focus is on the fun... Your followers will be drawn inĀ which encourages increased interactionĀ and opens doors toĀ new conversations...Ā And once you get 'em talking... that'llĀ help lead toĀ more sales, more bookings, some new teammates, and that awesome business of your dreams!! (No Diggity!Ā No doubt.šŸŽ¶)


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